Interior Design


We offer design services for spaces that have various purposes. The main purpose in the design process is to create comfortable and functional rooms. Our studio develops individual interior projects for homes, offices and public spaces.
Each interior project has specific features and we comply with the purposes, needs and all requirements you set before us. Based on your choices of style, colours, shapes and fabrics, we design your individual project.
Our studio works on an established design scheme with successive stages. According to the chosen design package we can offer you exactly what you need.

Plans for interior design




The Basic startup plan includes:

Consultation on the design
Suggestion for styles, colours, materials
Suggestions for colours of furniture, flooring and accessories
Development of a plan
3d Project




The Exclusive service builds on all components of the basic plan. It also includes the development of a working prpject and additional services, such as suggestions on specific companies – importers and manufacturers of materials, furniture, lighting and accessories, as well as exclusive production of furniture on an individual project. Decoration and supervision of the execution can also be part of upgrading this service, but comes at an additional cost.